NCWHS at the 2017 Berks

NCWHS at the 2017 Berkshire Conference on Women's History
Hofstra University, June 1-4, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017: 8:30 -10:00 AM
SC 142 (Hofstra University)
Moderator: Nancy A. Hewitt, Rutgers University
Participants: Lucienne Beard, Alice Paul Institute
Elizabeth Lykken DeMaria, Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, National Park Service
Heather G Cole, Harvard University
Noemi V Ghazala, Women's Rights National Historical Park

Session Abstract Historic sites and archives can grab our imaginations to make the past come alive. They engage us intellectually and emotionally through places, artifacts, photographs, and documents. This Roundtable, proposed by the National Collaborative for Women’s Historic Sites (NCWHS) and co-sponsored by the CCWH, explores and encourages the value of historic sites and archives for teaching women’s history.

The roundtable discussion, chaired by Professor Nancy Hewitt, features four resource-based experts discussing innovative pedagogies that engage people in programs on women’s rights and leadership, feminism, and women’s roles in political families. Noemi Ghazala will explore the challenges of interpreting an event--the Seneca Falls Woman's Rights Convention--that challenged our national narrative; Director Lucienne Beard at Paulsdale, Alice Paul’s home in Mt. Laurel, NJ, analyzes their experimental educational programming; curator Elizabeth DeMaria explores the Roosevelt women's influence on Theodore Roosevelt’s policies and practices; and curator/archivist Heather Cole from Harvard’s Houghton Library Archives shares reactions to Theodore Roosevelt’s senior thesis endorsing women’s rights. Plenty of time will be set aside for questions and discussion

Then, the NCWHS-National Park Service host a special event at Sagamore Hill NHS, a 30-minute bus ride away. This tour will will demonstrate how engagement with historic sites enlivens and complicates U.S. women’s history and its pedagogy (in schools, universities, and senior learning programs).

Friday, June 2, 2017: 10:15 AM-2:30 PM

The National Collaborative for Women's History Sites and the National Park Service will host a special event at Sagamore Hill NHS, a 30-minute bus ride away from Hofstra University. The trip will include a private tour of the Roosevelt home with NPS curator Laura Dabrowski and Alice Roosevelt Longworth’s biographer, Stacey Cordery. Participants visit their 2017 exhibit, “Redefining Roosevelt Women.” Lunch will be provide at the site. One need not attend the panel to join the tour. Participants should gather at the Conference Registration Desk in the Student Center Atrium for the bus to Sagamore Hill.

Visit Click on the Preliminary Program link, then click on Program for Friday, June 2 for the NCWHS Panel Click on Special Events for the Sagamore Hill Tour. There is no cost for the tour, but you must register for it ahead of time.

For questions, please contact Nancy Hewitt: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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