Winter news 2013-14

2014! Already? Yes!

It seems that our October annual meeting was years, instead of only a couple of months, ago. It has been a busy and productive time with NCHWS work since then. We hope that you enjoyed that gathering and found it invigorating. The presentation by Eileen Wallis is now on our website; the question and answer portion had enough distortion that it is not included.  We’re looking to have an in-person annual meeting next fall—stay tuned on that.

Marjorie Stoneman DouglasOur National Historic Landmarks (NHL) team has now commented on the first draft of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas nomination for her home in Coral Gables FL. Stoneman Douglas’ life trajectory was clear from her time at Vassar to writing a column for the Miami Herald to writing Everglades: River of Grass. In the latter book, she interpreted both human and natural history, helping the public grasp the Everglades’ ecological significance when most people thought of it as a mosquito-ridden swamp.  Later she founded the Friends of the Everglades to protect the park and its damaged water system. Special thanks to NCWHS member Polly Kaufman for sharing her Notable American Women entry on Stoneman Douglass.  We’re waiting on National Park Service (NPS) on the other new NHL sites we think should be pursued.

NCWHS Board Members Peg Strobel, Nupur Chaudhuri, Camesha Scruggs and Heather Huyck all presented at the American Historical Association conference in Washington D.C. on the importance of archives in women’s history. Heather also presented on a National Trust developed session “The Period of Significance is NOW.” We distributed brochures and met potential members as well. We’re putting together a session for the 2015 OAH in St. Louis—let us know soon if you want to join us, as the deadline is January 24, 2014.

We are happy to announce that our four webinar series for the NPS, Telling the Whole Story: Doing Women’s History at Your Park,will take place on four Tuesdays in March. While we plan to share those webinars widely in the future, we have four slots open now to NCWHS members. If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible. The webinars are designed to help historic sites find, research, and integrate women’s history into their programs and products, from their walks, talks and tours, to their publications and websites. The goal is for them to be able to assess for themselves the quality and potential of the women’s history they have. No more going to National Parks only to be told there’s no women’s history there. We are looking for a Few Good Women (and Men) to work with us on the webinars—let me know!

NPS/Interpretation/Education has asked for us to work with them on a Goal Group following up from the December 2012 workshop at the Sewall-Belmont House & Museum. We are looking for 3 Good Women (and Men) to work with us on the Goal Group—please let us know!

Want to go to the Berks in Toronto? The Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, held every three years, brings together a fabulous international group of scholars and practitioners in women’s history. The Berks combines the best of rigorous intellectual presentation and discussion, with an energetic and fun community. We have $1500 in our Peg Strobel Travel Grant to assist a graduate student in attending the conference. To apply, please go to our website for more information. The application deadline is March 15, 2014. NCWHS membership is required—this is a HUGE member benefit.

Some of the current opportunities for NCWHS members (come join us to take full advantage of them):

  • 2015 OAH Conference Session (due January 24, 2014)

  • NPS Goal Group membership (let us know asap)

  • Berkshire Peg Strobel Travel Grant (due March 15, 2014)

  • March 2014 NPS Webinars (take them or volunteer to help put them on)

  • Dine Around at NCPH Conference in Monterey, CA in March 2014

  • Website publication of your articles and book reviews

  • This newsletter and the wider NCWHS community

And, now for our year-end thank you’s -- Organizations such as the NCWHS require much work and resources—more than those who aren’t deeply involved would probably ever imagine—we’re glad to do it as we know the difference NCWHS makes. Still, the beginning of a New Year is a good time to recognize those who make this possible.




Ellen Cronin

Sue Ferentinos

Page Harrington

Heather Huyck

Marie Rust



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Betsy Ross House

Clara Barton NHS

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Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

Keweenaw Heritage Center

Maggie L. Walker NHS

Sewall Belmont House & Museum

Ulysses S. Grant NHS

Women’s Rights NHP


TO OUR PARTNERS: Stephanie Toothman, Julia Washburn, Lexi Lord, Paul Loether, and Andy Lubner

TO OUR COLLEAGUES: Terry Davis and Bob Beatty at AASLH; SAH; John Dichtl at NCPH; George Minnucci at Eastern National; Estevan Rael Galvez at the NTHP


To our indefatigable Mary M.

To our ever-helpful IT guy Mike

To our ever-resourceful Sue F

To our 21st century experts Marla, Sue

To our redoubtable Peg

To our eagle-eyed Barb

To our energetic Lori

To our creative Jan & Sheri

To our thoughtful Joan

To our friends Beth

To our enthusiastic Marsha

To our good presenter Camesha

To our focused Pam E

To our favorite NPS Ajena, Laura & Pam S

To our well-connected Nupur


Cheers and Happy 2014!

Heather Huyck, President, NCWHS

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