Summer 2014 newsletter

Happy Summer to you all!

Here are some highlights of what's been going on with NCWHS since our last newsletter.

March 2014 was both Women’s History Month and NCWHS/National Park Service Webinar Month as we presented "Doing Women’s History at Your Site.” This webinar consisted of four sessions with 40 participants from Puerto Rico to Michigan to Hawaii. Several NCWHS members attended for free because of our partnership with the NPS.

The Doing Women’s History webinars featured sites from Salem Maritime NHP’s “cents” shop a hardware/dime store run in a woman’s home; Keweenaw Michigan’s copper mines and maternal mortality; Fort Snelling in Minnesota; and Maggie Lena Walker whose home and national headquarters provided black women living under Jim Crow an alternative world with services and support. To those of you who participated or assisted with the webinars, thank you. A special thank you to Barb Howe for her session on written sources, and to Erin Krutko Devlin for running the last webinar’s discussion session.

Who filled this lunch bucket the men carried down into the Quincy Mine with its meat, potato and turnip pastie (turnover) and black tea? Another aspect of women’s work….

We had a Dine around at the NCPH annual meeting as well as a Wikipedia editing session there. Thank you NCWHS Board Members Marla Miller, Barb Howe and Jan Dilg.

We’ll have another virtual annual meeting this fall—if you have a speaker you particularly want to hear, please let us know…

We invite members to submit articles (600-800 words) on recent activities at your site -- programs, initiatives, exhibits, collaborations and other work that you would like to share with an audience of peers. This will help all NCWHS members learn about each other's practices.

Goal Groups with National Park Service. As a follow up to the December 2012 workshop, the NCWHS and NPS are getting together a core group of people to decide what we want to do together in interpreting at historic sites. Please let us know if you want to join such a group—it would entail 3 conference calls with other people to brainstorm ways to approach getting more and better women’s history into NPS sites.

NCWHS is putting together a session for the 2016 OAH in Providence, RI. We’re proposing to do a session called “Working Women: Bridging Scholarship and the Public at Historic Sites” that will consider all the varied ways women’s work shapes their lives and our history, both obvious and unusual. Learn more about the CFP.  If you are interested in this or any other session proposal, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Finally, we have upgraded our membership database and are excited to have new functionality for us and for you. If you are not already a member of the NCWHS, please support us by joining. Just click on the Become a Member button to visit our web site. Members are crucial to our ability to advocate for women's history at sites. Thank you to all our new and renewed members!


Heather Huyck
NCWHS President

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