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The National Collaborative for Women's History Sites advocates on behalf of women's history at historic sites.   

Since 2012, the NCWHS has been advancing an effort to increase the presence of women's history throughout the National Historic Landmarks (NHL) program. Through a Cooperative Agreement with the National Park Service, the NCWHS will review and help augment the recognition of women's history throughout the NHL program. NCWHS co-planned, with the National Historic Landmarks Program and the Sewell-Belmont House staff, the December 2012 workshop that brought together a wide range of women's and public historians to develop a series of recommendations regarding the preservation and interpretation of women's history sites at the federal level, recommendations it then began to help implement.

As part of that initiative, the NCWHS has taken on a series of nominations of women's history sites to the National Historic Landmarks Program, including the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas House (Florida) and the Annie Dodge Wauneka House (Arizona).


RFP: National Historic Landmark Nomination, Annie Dodge Wauneka House, Arizona

Request for Proposals

National Historic Landmark Nomination

Annie Dodge Wauneka House, Arizona

March 3, 2015

The National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites (NCWHS), in cooperation with the National Park Service, invites proposals from historians interested in researching and writing a National Historic Landmark (NHL) nomination for the Annie Dodge Wauneka Log House and Outbuildings located on the Navajo Reservation near Tanner Springs, Arizona.  Ms. Wauneka (1910-1977) was a tribal leader who fought for better health care, education and benefits for her people, gaining a national profile while improving communications and mutual understanding between the Navajo Nation and the government of the United States. The project has a one-year time frame, with a projected start date of May 15, 2015, and a first draft of the nomination due within four months of the start date. The author will be compensated. The budget for the nomination in $16,000 to $18,000, including all expenses. Expenses will include (but are not limited to) travel (a four-wheel drive vehicle will be needed to reach this remote part of the Navajo Reservation) and photographs that meet NHL standards.

This nomination is part of a Women’s History Initiative being pursued by the National Park Service, in partnership with the NCWHS. As such, we are particularly interested in hiring a Principal Investigator with both a demonstrated expertise in the NHL nomination process and relevant aspects of women’s history.


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