The Report is Out!

Telling the Whole Story: Women and the
Making of the United States

July, 2013—The final report on the NPS/NCWHS Women's History Workshop is out! 

Learn more about "Telling the Whole Story," a workshop held December 10-12, 2012 in Washington, DC. Cosponsored by the National Park Service and the National Collaborative for Women's History Sites, read the report (PDF) here >

Revealing Women's History: Best Practices at Historic Sites

Revealing Women's History:

Revealing Women's History

Best Practices at Historic Sites, Featuring Five Case Studies

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, the National Collaborative for Women‘s History Sites (NCWHS), in partnership with the National Park Service Northeast Region, asked historic sites to nominate themselves as Best Practice Sites — those that exemplify ways to best preserve and interpret the past of half the human race: women and girls.

Read more: Revealing Women's History: Best Practices at Historic Sites

Women's History: Sites and Resources


The National Collaborative for Women's History Sites publishes Women's History: Sites and Resources, a 142-page reference designed for travelers, teachers, and students who want to discover more of American women's past. Edited by Heather A. Huyck, this book features forty women's history sites and projects, plus travel itineraries, teaching plans, and websites. For more information, or to purchase this reference guide, please visit the University of Illinois Press:


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