NCWHS Trails Committee Members

The National Collaborative of Women's History Sites Trails Committee is composed of individuals throughout the country interested in developing women's history trails in cities and states.  The following individuals comprise the committee. (Committee composition last updated: July 2016)


Nancy Baird Brown, Incorporator, The Elizabeth Cady Stanton Hometown Association & committee co-chair

Marsha Weinstein, Co-Founder of Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust & committee co-chair


Denise Baer, Founder, Herstoryhistory

Diana Bailey, Executive Director, Maryland Women's Heritage Center

Lucy Beard, Executive Director, Alice Paul Institute

Sue Boland, Senior Docent, Matilda Joslyn Gage House and Foundation

Sarah Burks, Cambridge Women's Heritage Project, Cambridge Historical Commission

Mary Anne Butters, Wayne County Commissioner (Indiana)

Jill Chambers, Indiana Women’s History Trail, Indiana Women's History Association

Brian Coburn, General Federation of Women's Clubs

Bob Cooney, Director, Woman Suffrage Media Project

Janice Dilg, Historian, Founder, Oregon Women's History Consortium

Pam Elam, Author, “Women’s Rights, Historic Sites: A Manhattan Map of Milestones” & board member of NCWHS

Rosemary Feurer, Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University

Ami Ghazala, Superintendent, Women's Rights National Hisitorical Park

Joanne L. Goodwin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History &  Director, Women's Research Institute of Nevada, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Jill Moss Greenberg, Executive Director, Maryland Women's Heritage Center - Maryland Women's Heritage Trail

Anne Hoiberg, Former President, Women's Museum of California

Deborah L. Hughes, President & CEO, Susan B. Anthony House

Coline Jenkins, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust

Polly Welts Kaufman, Author, Portland Women’s History Trail and Women's History Walking Trail - Brunswick, Maine

Fredie Kay, Massachusetts Women's Suffrage Celebration Committee

Debra Kolsrud, Incorporator, The Elizabeth Cady Stanton Hometown Association

Jennifer Krafchik, Deputy Director and Director of Strategic Initiatives, Sewall-Belmont House and Museum

Molly MacGregor, Executive Director and Co-Founder, National Women’s History Project

Teri Mandic, VP Programs, Pearl S. Buck International

Maggie McClain, Historian, Evanston History Center & Administrative Assistant for NCWHS

Joan Meacham, Executive Director, Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail

Mary Melcher, Historian, Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail & Former board member of NCWHS

Lori Osborne, Project Director, Evanston Women's History Project

Genie Potter, Historian and Author, Louisville, Kentucky

Rebecca Price, Chick History

Jean Reynolds, Public History Coordinator, City of Chandler (Arizona)

Kimberly Robinson, Acting Museum Curator, Clara Barton National Historic Site & Glen Echo Park, National Park Service

Susan Rorher, Director of Statewide Outreach, Manager of Washington State Capital Museum

Jennifer Scott, Director, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

Linda Stern, Board Secretary, Boston Women's Heritage Trail

Marie Toner, Curator, Pearl S. Buck International

Judith Wellman, Director, Historical New York Research Associates & Professor Emerita, SUNY Oswego 

Cynthia Whitty, Marketing and Development Consultant, The Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum  

Dot Willsey, Historian, Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark

Charla Wilson, Library, Archive, & Museum Collections Manager, Women's Museum of California

Katherine Wiltshire, Executive Director, Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame & Connecticut Women's Heritage Trail

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